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Oliver Twist, a poor, innocent orphan boy, stands Essay Example For Students

Oliver Twist, a poor, honest vagrant kid, stands Essay out in this story as the fundamental character yet it is the supporting characters that permit this novel of much substance to build up a significantly more fulfilling and convincing topic. With Good V.S. Malicious as one of the significant clashes, in such classifications are the auxiliary characters found too. Three principle helper characters of Oliver Twist help the elaboration of the story; these critical characters are Mr. Brownlow speaking to virtue, uprightness and goodness, Nancy as mostly honorable, incompletely miscreant and ultimately on the other extraordinary of the scale: Fagin, the image of shrewdness, defilement and control. All through the story we are acquainted with every one of these characters through an omniscient perspective, and can sort them as per their characters, contemplations and activities. With their varying degrees of trustworthiness and economic wellbeing, every one of them assume a critical job in the improvement of the storys topic. As a large por tion of the creators characters, Mr. Brownlow as well, is carried out with a roundabout introduction however it isn't long in the wake of presenting him that his healthy goodness is uncovered to us. In spite of the fact that from the outset he blames Oliver for stealing, his anxiety over Olivers government assistance on the road is an immediate trace of his guiltlessness which effectively causes him persuade Oliver to board at his home. A liberal and confiding in man he was, maybe too acceptable a man to be valid; yet with all the malignant characters in the story, a courageous and unadulterated persona was expected to guarantee an upbeat completion. With genuineness and extraordinary riches as his prime characteristics, he helps Oliver in his critical crossroads and shows to society with a commendable touch, the qualities of an ideal resident. As the positive extraordinary in both economic wellbeing and consideration, Mr. Brownlow is an unmistakable guide in the advancement of the subject all through the novel. Nancy, for us, must be the most vulnerable character. Caught between needing to assist Oliver with sidestepping Fagins misuse and her devoted love for Sikes; she neglects to get by to the end as she is sentenced and amusingly killed by her own significant other : Sikes, a merciless and damaging man. However, there is an extraordinary requirement for this auxiliary character in the story, she serves not just as a tie between the scenes at the distinctive house holds yet also she is the main any desire for salvation for Oliver. Without her, Oliver may have never gotten the opportunity to experience childhood in a caring home and figure out how to be appropriate in his activities and unadulterated in the spirit. Despite the fact that her ununderstandable love for Sikes is straightforward more often than not, her own spirit held a significantly more prominent commitment to Oliver, for she gets her own better half alcoholic and acts the hero. Nancy finds in Oliver the honesty of her own youth being ransacked by Fagins misleading misbehavior. Nancy gives the story another opportunity for Oliver into a legitimate, fair world. It costs her, her life, however she flourishes in helping Oliver just as doing a great deal of equity for society. Ready to spare Oliver from malice and placing fiendish itself in jail, Nancy triumphs over the entirety of her insidious colleagues and is the rotating purpose of Olivers come back to security. Not just as an approach to present new plots in the story, yet just as the topics most prominent help, she is a cheerful character that could have just been made after much arranging and thought. Fagin was a jew portrayed by the creator in such a way, that one may think Dickens were supremacist somewhat. His convictions of Jews were that a Jew only here and there hoodlums, however is more awful than a criminal when he urges others to steal. As he would like to think, In each town there is a Jew, occupant or tram ping; if a burglary is affected, the property is stowed away till a Jew is found, and a deal is then made. Fagin is portrayed in such a style in this story that one is nearly compelled to hate his character. Old, monstrous and a Jew, Fagin is related with head environmental gadgets that give the novel special force. In addition to the fact that Fagin seeks to catch Oliver perpetually by making him an assistant in wrongdoing, however it additionally appears that he has heavenly powers to search him out of any place his old buddies may shroud him. Genuinely the foe, Fagin and his flippant powers are to Oliver as the fiend himself is to a perfect human. Despite the fact that profoundly unpredictable and interpretive in its substance, Oliver Twist, similar to a departure story, where the trouble maker gets what he merits and the hero lives cheerfully ever after, its primary plot follows this equivalent example. Fagin, as he merits, winds up in jail and goes intellectually crazy, while O liver, the guiltless little youngster, gets an incredible home and a caring family. However, Fagin isn't all awful, in light of the fact that subsequent to going to prison, where he understands that all his taken products will do him no decent now, he gives Oliver back what was at one time his, his mom Agnes ring; which thusly releases Olivers lineage and gives the story an increasingly rational plot. It is the mind boggling optional characters of this story that grant it to connect and contact all the degrees of society; these being the rich, poor people and the man in the center. These equivalent three characters are what allows this story with a subject that catches reality amidst Englands nineteenth century. As uncovered all through the story, Englands nineteenth century was an age of much neediness and extraordinary social issues which brought about a general public of two restricting classes: the well off and poor people. Inside these two classes lay two other restricting powe rs: the great and the terrible. Similarly that great and awful exist inside all classes in the novel, something very similar can be said about reality. What the subject of this story says about the truth is that in todays society, it doesnt matter whether you are rich or poor, taught or not, most able people have the capacity to pass judgment on directly from wrong and are hence allowed to settle on whatever decisions in their lives they wish to make, gave however, that they can live with the results of their choices. In Olivers case, even similarly as a little youngster, he excessively had the option to pass judgment on directly from wrong and winds up chosing not to take. Because of his choice, youthful Oliver is given a glad home and a promising future. Then again, Fagins judgment isn't so capable, and closing, he stays with only madness and a grave life in prison till his last day comes to fruition. .u4a451f59e82c0b5f802222e0460acd72 , .u4a451f59e82c0b5f802222e0460acd72 .postImageUrl , .u4a451f59e82c0b5f802222e0460acd72 .focused content region { min-tallness: 80px; position: relative; } .u4a451f59e82c0b5f802222e0460acd72 , .u4a451f59e82c0b5f802222e0460acd72:hover , .u4a451f59e82c0b5f802222e0460acd72:visited , .u4a451f59e82c0b5f802222e0460acd72:active { border:0!important; } .u4a451f59e82c0b5f802222e0460acd72 .clearfix:after { content: ; show: table; clear: both; } .u4a451f59e82c0b5f802222e0460acd72 { show: square; progress: foundation shading 250ms; webkit-change: foundation shading 250ms; width: 100%; obscurity: 1; change: murkiness 250ms; webkit-change: darkness 250ms; foundation shading: #95A5A6; } .u4a451f59e82c0b5f802222e0460acd72:active , .u4a451f59e82c0b5f802222e0460acd72:hover { haziness: 1; progress: mistiness 250ms; webkit-progress: haziness 250ms; foundation shading: #2C3E50; } .u4a451f59e82c0b5f802222e0460acd72 .focused content region { width: 100%; position: relativ e; } .u4a451f59e82c0b5f802222e0460acd72 .ctaText { outskirt base: 0 strong #fff; shading: #2980B9; text dimension: 16px; textual style weight: intense; edge: 0; cushioning: 0; content enhancement: underline; } .u4a451f59e82c0b5f802222e0460acd72 .postTitle { shading: #FFFFFF; text dimension: 16px; text style weight: 600; edge: 0; cushioning: 0; width: 100%; } .u4a451f59e82c0b5f802222e0460acd72 .ctaButton { foundation shading: #7F8C8D!important; shading: #2980B9; fringe: none; fringe span: 3px; box-shadow: none; text dimension: 14px; text style weight: striking; line-stature: 26px; moz-outskirt range: 3px; content adjust: focus; content enrichment: none; content shadow: none; width: 80px; min-tallness: 80px; foundation: url( arrow.png)no-rehash; position: total; right: 0; top: 0; } .u4a451f59e82c0b5f802222e0460acd72:hover .ctaButton { foundation shading: #34495E!important; } .u4a451f59e82c0b5f802 222e0460acd72 .focused content { show: table; stature: 80px; cushioning left: 18px; top: 0; } .u4a451f59e82c0b5f802222e0460acd72-content { show: table-cell; edge: 0; cushioning: 0; cushioning right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-adjust: center; width: 100%; } .u4a451f59e82c0b5f802222e0460acd72:after { content: ; show: square; clear: both; } READ: Katha Essay We will compose a custom exposition on Oliver Twist, a poor, guiltless vagrant kid, stands explicitly for you for just $16.38 $13.9/page Request now

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The Quest for Inner Beauty in Charlotte Brontes Jane Eyre Essay

The Quest for Inner Beauty in Jane Eryeâ Â â â â The excellence of a lady is typically characterized into two classes: shallow, or physical, magnificence and inward, or scholarly, excellence. In the Charlotte Bronte's Jane Erye, the hero dismisses her own physical magnificence for her insight and profound quality. This decision permits her to win the hand of the man she wants. Jane values her insight and thinking before any of her physical appearances in view of her craving as a kid to peruse, the exercises she is educated and the fortifications of the thought showing up in her adulthood. Over the span of the novel she inhabits five homes. In every one of these spots, the possibility of inward magnificence overcoming outside appearance turns into an exercise, and in her last home she picks up her prize, a man who cherishes her exclusively for her psyche. She peruses against her cousins wishes as a youngster at Gateshead, figures out how to esteem her knowledge as a kid at the Lowood Institution, her psyche and modesty win the core of Mr. Rochester at Thornfield Manor, she procures St. John's engagement proposition at Marsh's End, and at long last she wins her prize of Mr. Rochester's turn in marriage at Ferndean Manor. Jane Erye spent the start of her youth at her Aunt's home, where she battles to turn out to be increasingly canny by understanding books. Jane needs to learn, despite the fact that her cousin demands: You have no business to peruse our books; you are a ward (pg. 42). Soon after being struck for perusing, she lays in bed and demands: Gulliver's Travels from the library. This book I had over and over examined with please (pg. 53). Her desire to peruse and better herself meets resistance from her cousins, yet she keeps on battling to peruse when she can. The family she lives ... ...e Place of Love in Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights. David Lodge, Fire and Eyre: Charlotte Brontã «'s War of Earthly Elements Fraser, Rebecca. The Brontes. first ed. New York: Crown Publishers, 1988. Â Bronte, Charlotte. Jane Eyre. third ed. New York: The Modern Library. Bronte, Charlotte. Charlotte Bronte's Letters. New York: W. W. Norton and Company, Inc., 1971. Diedrick, James.â Newman on the Gentleman. Â â â â â â â â â Diedrick, James.â Jane Eyre and A Vindicationâ of the Rights of Woman. Â â â â â â â â â Dickerson, Vanessa D. Victorian Ghosts in the Noontide. Â â â â â â â â â Brownell, Eliza. Age Difference in Marriage: The Context for Jane Eyre Â

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Dating App Dangers 7 Tips to Detect Fake Romance Scammers

Dating App Dangers 7 Tips to Detect Fake Romance Scammers Dating App Dangers: 7 Tips to Detect Fake Romance Scammers Dating App Dangers: 7 Tips to Detect Fake Romance ScammersThese con artists will try and make you fall in love with them online, only to turn around and start asking for moneyâ€"lots and lots of money.Online dating sucks. It’s so hard to tell whether someone is really who you think they areâ€"especially when their photos are so “artfully” composed as to completely obscure their face and their “about me” section is nothing but Coldplay lyrics.But going on bad date after bad date pales in comparison to someone who’s actually misleading you. Dating apps and websites are full of scammers who use your desire to connect to connect themselves to your bank account.According to a report from the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), there were almost 15,000 complaints of “romance scams” made in 2016, with losses that exceeded $230 million. That’s well over $15,000 lost per complaint! Yikes!Don’t let yourself get duped by a romance scammer. Here are seven ways you can stay safe while looking for love online.1. Perform your own background check.It’s amazing how far a little bit of googling will go. People who run these scams will likely write you long, florid messages; remember, they’re trying to make you fall in love with them. Take all the information they give you and comb through both search engines and social media to see what you can verify.In the modern age, most people have at least some kind of digital footprint, and you should be able to verify that this person really exists. If you keep running up against dead endsâ€"if it seems like this person doesn’t exist beyond their dating profileâ€"then there is a very good chance that, well, they’re entirely made up.2. Reverse image search.Most of the advice in this article is pretty low tech, but this one involves using some slightly more advanced technology to your advantage. (Okay, it’s not exactly high tech, but if you want to hum the Mission Impossible theme under your breath while you do it, we won’t judge.)Scammers will likely steal images from someone else to create their profile, which is something you can turn against them. The nonprofit advocacy group Consumer Reports suggests that you run any dating profile images through a reverse image search using Google Images or a search engine like TinEye.When you’re being scammed, the results will return someone completely different from the person you’re chatting with. Consumer Reports also suggests that you check your pen pals email address against the records kept on Do not follow to a second location.Most dating sites and websites have security measures to prevent their users from being scammed. When someone’s messaging you in a suspicious way, there’s a chance that the site’s security team will pick up on it and delete the scammer’s account.This is why many romance scammers will try and get you off the platform as soon as possible. They’ll make up some excuse and ask that you two continue your conversation over text or email. This is a huge red flag.Push back and suggest that you two continue chatting through the site, or try and set up a Skype call so that you two can actually talk face-to-face. Whatever excuses they push back with are likely to be very flimsy.Talk to anyone who’s been in a real long distance relationship: If a person’s really that into you, they’ll figure out how to make a Skype call work. And if the person does  agree to a Skype call or to meet up in real life and then keeps finding reasons to cancel, thats yet another red flag.4. Watch out for grammar and spelling.In the age of texting and autocorrect, we’ve all let our standards for spelling and grammar fall by the wayside. But when you’re talking with a stranger on the internet, keep an eye out for grammar and spelling mistakes, especially if the person insists that they are a native English speaker.A number of the people pulling these scams are not, in fact, na tive English speakers, nor do they live in the United States. Lots of mistakes in spelling, or use of common phrases that just seem a little … off … might be a sign that this is a foreigner trying to pretend they’re an American.With online dating, a person who’s trying to pretend they’re someone else is not a  person you want to get involved withâ€"scam or no.5. Phone a friend.Not to get all Inception on you, but have you ever woken up from a dream and realized that things which made perfect sense to you in that dream actually make no sense whatsoever once you woke up?That’s how it can be with these scammers, many of whom are adept at weaving a convincing spell over you, one that makes big flashing warnings signs look like a romantic candlelit dinner. You can combat this by talking to a friend or a close relative, someone who can help you process what’s going on and point out when things don’t make sense or seem weird.Scammers will anticipate this and try to isolate you from such people. They’ll try and convince you that your friends are the ones who are wrong, not them. Don’t let them fool you. Someone who you’ve been close with for years is more trustworthy than a person you only know as text on a screen. Don’t let your heart override your head.6. Be skeptical.This goes for all facets of online dating, it’s just especially true when dealing with potential scammers. The best way to keep your heart from being broken and your bank account from being emptied is to treat everything your online partner tells you with skepticism.This isnt only about how they talk about themselves, its also how they talk about you.  If your online partner is constantly complimenting you, be suspicious. They might just be trying to crush your inner alarm bells under the weight of their flattery.Look, we think that you’re really great, but when somebody who’s never met you is going on and on and on about how great you areâ€"how handsome and how smart and how funny and how wiseâ€"perhaps it’s because they want something from you.Experienced online daters know that people are rarely who they portray themselves to be online. Take that advice to heart and said heart should be protected from romance scammers.7. Just say “no.”Even if you’ve ignored all the rest of the advice in this article, it’s not too late. Up until you hit the button in your banking portal that says “transfer funds,” you still have a chance to save yourself from a romance scam.This advice is extremely simple, but it can also be extremely difficult. When your long-distance love all of a sudden has a “financial emergency” and desperately asks you to send them money … just tell them no.This is what the con has been building to, and it’s also the moment where any doubt should vanish from your mind. If you didn’t know, now you know: It’s a scam.They won’t give up easily, they will continue to wheedle and plead. Their sob story will take on even sobbier dimensions. Don’t fall for it. Tell them no, and end the communication. Block their number, delete your profile, do whatever you have to do.Online dating might kind of suck, but it’s also how more and more people are finding love. Don’t let a scammer turn your quest for romance into a date with financial ruin. Follow our advice, and the only bad experience you’ll have on dating apps will be awful datesâ€"so many truly awful dates.To learn more about protecting yourself from scammers, check out these related posts and articles from OppLoans:Don’t Let Fake Debt Collectors Scam You Out of Money You Don’t Owe4 Common Home Contractor Scams and How to Avoid ThemReverse Mortgages: How They Work and How to Shop For One SafelyHas a romance scammer ever tried to con you? We want to hear about it! You can find us  on  Facebook  and  Twitter.

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The Poverty Of The United States - 955 Words

Interview 1 When questioned what poverty is V. Martin defined poverty as â€Å"The inability to financially meet the daily basic needs of oneself or ones family† (personal communication, June 17, 2015). V. Martin added to her definition of poverty stating that people who are living in poverty have a difficult time meeting their basic needs for food, shelter, and clothing due to the amount of income that person has (personal communication, June 17, 2015). â€Å"Overall poverty means the same for each community and each family that is experiencing the poverty lifestyle at the same time it can be very different for each community and each family depending on what has led the community or family into poverty† (V. Martin, personal communication, June 17, 2015). V. Martin expressed firm beliefs that poverty in the United States is caused from high cost of living, low-wage jobs, and high unemployment rates. The high cost of living includes a lack of affordable housing, property tax increases, the price of gasoline, and the always increasing food prices to name a few (V. Martin, personal communication, June 17, 2015). V. Martin acknowledged that poverty is impacted by the high unemployment rates, but blames low-wage jobs for causing more people to live in poverty than unemployment does. (V. Martin, personal communication, June 17, 2015). â€Å"There is no way to end poverty due to the high number of causes of poverty, but we can decrease poverty by providing higher education at a more affordableShow MoreRelatedThe Poverty Of The United States1727 Words   |  7 PagesPoverty defined by the American Heritage Dictionary is â€Å"lack of the means of providing material needs or comforts† (Hirokazu Yoshikawa, 2012). Poverty in the United States is an issue that is often times overlooked because the focus of poverty is on developing and struggling countries. People often think America does not experience poverty because it is such a thriving country. The problem with this is that America is indeed struggling with poverty: â€Å"there are currently 488 counties in America whereRead MoreThe Poverty Of The United States1548 Words   |  7 Pagescitizens in poverty has risen. Several organizations have been set up to help those who suffer from poverty and provide their everyday needs. There are always ways where a community can help eliminate the amount of people suffering poverty. Government has an influence on how much money flow there is in the United States such as the FED, which was created to help maintain a stable monetary and financial system and control the money supply. People themselves can also help from falling into poverty, butRead MorePoverty Of The United States1408 Words   |  6 PagesWhen people hear the word poverty many people think of the bad connotations that come with it like, smelly homeless people that are crackheads and disease holders. Some people may even think they are uneducated or not hard working enough and rather ask for money instead of trying to get a job. Although a small portion of that may be true to some homeless people due to addictions on drugs and the toll it takes on their lives. The majority of homeless people are either veterans or immigrants, who findRead MorePoverty in the United States755 Words   |  4 PagesPoverty in the United States is getting in inferior quality every day and nothing is being done about it. Many people who want to help the poor, but no one knows exactly how to help them. A primary reason for people not taking action is because of lack of information that is provided about issues on poverty. Poverty is defined as the state of one who lacks a usual or socially acceptable amount of money or material possessions. According to the U.S. Census Bureau data released Tuesday September 13thRead MorePoverty Of The United States Essay1369 Words   |  6 PagesPoverty within the United States is defined as â€Å"having an income below a federally determined poverty threshold. † Poverty thresholds were developed by the United States government in the 60s. Over time these thresholds are adjusted to account for inflation; it is typical to adjust the poverty threshold levels annually. They represent the government’s estimate of the point below which a family has insufficient resources to meet their basic needs. Any family with less income than that establishedRead MoreThe Poverty Of The United States1531 Words   |  7 Pagessuch dialog, topics on the increasing and rather consistent levels of poverty in some regions in America are touched on as well. Poverty is defined as a condition where one’s basics needs for food, clothing, and shelter are not being met (What Is Poverty? â€Å"). From sea to shining sea, more than 15 percent of the American population live in poverty, a total of people over 46 million. Many who live in poverty within the United States live in areas that were once thriving from the country’s economic growthRead MoreThe Poverty Of The United States Essay1385 Words   |  6 Pages The Character of Poverty in America Poverty has always been a key factor in United States History. Ever sense Americas birth there have been groups affected by poverty, but the forms of the poverty that affected these groups have changed as well as the nature of poverty itself in the USA. The abolition of slavery, the forced assimilation of native Americans, and mass immigration changed character of poverty within the united states change due to an evolution from agriculture to industry and a changeRead MoreThe Poverty Of The United States1746 Words   |  7 PagesWhat is poverty? A question most Americans will not have to think twice before answering. Poverty is, of course, simply a lack of money. The views of a specific person will defer when politics or morals are introduced, however, the idea stays the same. Those in poverty are there because they have less money than what has been decided to be livable. Poverty has changed significantly over the last two hundred years in the United States, and yet, the measuremen t has hardly changed since it was createdRead MorePoverty in the United States1061 Words   |  5 PagesThe Background of Poverty in America In the United States, there are about more than forty-six million people living in impoverished conditions today. Poverty is a major conflict issue in this country amongst people who are part of the lower class because American families always had a hard time making ends meet, even before the Great Recession began. Living in poverty puts them at a disadvantage because they have to choose between necessitates like health care, child care, and food in order toRead MorePoverty Of The United States1475 Words   |  6 Pages â€Æ' Poverty in the United States is defined as a social problem. As outlined in the text, a social problem is â€Å"a condition that undermines the well-being of some or all members of a society and is usually a matter of public controversy†. It is easy to see that there is a large economic divide in the United States, but with only a small percentage of people in the highest income stratification and the vast majority struggling to get by, the majority of United States citizens agree that there is too

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Women in Combat Essay - 1249 Words

Women in Combat Women have played a tremendous role in many countries armed forces from the past to the present. Women have thoroughly integrated into the armed forces; all positions in the armed forces should be fully accessible to women who can compete with men intellectually and physically. Yet, many argue that the distinction between combat and non-combat becomes blurred in the context of women warfare (Ladin; Holm, Hoar). In actuality, many women are assigned to jobs that will expose them to enemy attack, and this has been openly acknowledged by the top Pentagon officials. The United States Army has also recognized that women would be deployed in combat zones as an inevitable consequence of their assignments. This was†¦show more content†¦There are many grounds on which this argument could be disputed, but women have contributed greatly in past wars. They have served in combat in many skills during World War II, Korea, and Vietnam (Holm). One study (Binkin Bach) found that many NATO and several WARSAW PACT countries employed women in combat roles during World War II. Russia was reported as using military women on the front lines. In Israel, where they are actually conscripted, women have also experienced armed combat. (Binkin Bach) found that in the first phase of Israel’s war of Liberation, one out of every five soldiers was female and they shared equality in both offensive and defensive battle situations. Holm found that some 7,500 military women served in S.E. Asia during the Vietnam War. She maintains that these women proved the modern American military woman is fully capable of functioning effectively in a military role in a combat environment, even under direct hostile fire. The United States Army has even conducted its own tests to examine the performance of individual units with women in the field, under simulated combat conditions (Hoar). The first test, labeled MAX-WAC (Women Content in Units Force Development Test) studied women in three-day field exercise, and assessed their effect on unit performance. The second test, REF-WAC, studied women in thirty-day sustained combat related exercises during the NATO annual REFORGERShow MoreRelatedWomen in Combat1883 Words   |  8 PagesWomen in Combat Women in combat is an issue that I believe should be given a little more thought and attention. I personally feel that women should be allowed to be in ground combat operations if they desire to do so. I do not feel that it is fair to exclude someone from performing a job within the military simply due to their gender. I do feel that women who want to go to combat should be able to perform the same physical tasks as the men currently in those positions. This issue hits closeRead MoreWomen in Combat1316 Words   |  6 PagesI m an American soldier too Can a woman handle fighting in combat? Should women be able to come face to face with the enemy? Will women be able to control their emotions and take the horror that war inflicts? Should women be grateful that they are not included in such a terrible thing as combat, or is it wrong to exclude them just because they are women? I say if a woman chooses this kind of challenge, then she is more than capable. During the daring rescue of prisoner of war Jessica LynchRead MoreEssay on Women in Combat1560 Words   |  7 PagesTherefore, the standards for enlisting in military combat positions are as high as possible to ensure that we can create soldiers that are effective as these â€Å"perfect-world† soldiers. There are obviously men and women who are not able to meet these standards, but there are definitely also men and women who are highly capable of meeting and/or exceeding these standards. While some individuals feel that the biological differences between men and women in combat would put our military at a disadvantage, evidenceRead More Women in Combat Essay1217 Words   |  5 Pages nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Women in Front Line Combat When it comes to combat assignments and the needs of the military, men take precedence over all other considerations, including career prospects of female service members. Female military members have been encouraged to pursue opportunities and career enhancement within the armed forces, which limit them only to the needs and good of the service due to women being not as â€Å"similarly situated† as their male counterparts when it comes to strengthRead MoreEssay On Women In Combat1782 Words   |  8 Pages316 October 22, 2017 Women in Combat Since before time, women have always had less power compared to men. Men have always been the ones who have had the power to make decisions, the power to incorporate new ideas, and have a powerful role within society. Unfortunately, in some countries, women are not valued enough nor respected. There have been many cases within some cultures that women live a life of misery because they don’t have freedom. However, in some countries women have gained the rightRead MoreEssay Women in Combat1323 Words   |  6 PagesThe United States military views its diverse force as one of its greatest assets. Senior Air Force leaders recognize the monumental contributions both men and women make in support of their country daily. Americans serving in any branch of service know it is not a nine-to-five job but rather a calling. It is about being a part of the Profession of Arms. Airmen are warriors. The third verse of the Air Force Airman’s Creed states, â€Å"I am an American A irman, Guardian of Freedom and Justice, My Nation’sRead MoreWomen In Combat Essay1777 Words   |  8 Pagespart of humanity almost as long as humanity itself. However, women at war have not been. History has many stories about exceptional women serving honorably on the battlefield. In many cases Women on the battlefield are liabilities. During World War II both the Soviets and Germans tried placing women on the front lines when they were desperate for fighting soldiers. Male troops forgot their combat responsibilities in order to protect the women fighting beside them. This made their units less effectiveRead MoreWomen Should Be Legal For Combat977 Words   |  4 PagesWomen should be allowed to serve in combat roles in the military Some argue that women should not serve in combat because; they have never served in any type of combat operations in the history of the American military. Positions in the military have been designed specifically for women and how they perform their duties. No evidence can be produced that women have the abilities, physical strength, or motivation to engage in combat operations, the physical differences from their male counterpartsRead MoreWomen in Combat Roles in the Military851 Words   |  3 PagesPhysical differences between men and women come up in careers such as the military. The military career requires great responsibility, dedication, and sacrifice. The key to achieving a good performance in this field is to have an excellent physical ability. Women with physical training can exceed men without physical training. In addition, women have to have great value to develop this type of careers. The equality and teamwork are two fundamental reasons too. Over the years, it has be en thoughtRead MoreWomen Serving For Combat Positions1464 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction/Objective: Women serving in combat positions has been a highly controversial topic and is openly criticized by many. The push for equality by allowing women to serve in combat positions is not just isolated to a few military branches of service. Secretary Carter stated, â€Å"For the first time in U.S. military history, as long as they qualify and meet specific standards, women will be able to contribute to the Defense Department mission with no barriers at all in their way.† (Pellerin

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string(78) " is willing to come to the town to hold anyone accountable for what happened\." Chapter Notes: Leaf-Fall 1666 We have looked at the first chapter – which chronologically occurs towards the end of the text, and discussed some of the reasons why Brooks might choose to structure her novel in this way. We see a lot of characters interacting with each other in ways that are quite different to the next chapter, demonstrating how much they have changed during the time of the plague. Brooks has taken her time here to describe the desolation of the garden that Elinor cared so much for – this reflects the desolation of the village and the characters – particularly Mompellion whose despair is so evident here. We will write a custom essay sample on Chapter Notes: Leaf-Fall 1666 or any similar topic only for you Order Now Anna (our narrator) is stoic, and is keeping things afloat. Her caring nature is evident in her attempts to assist Mompellion and also in her care for his horse Anteros. However, she refers to herself as a servant and you have all picked up on the fact that her behaviour does not at all resemble that of a servant. This foreshadows the tremendous journey (that ‘Year of Wonders’) the reader is about to see Anna embark on. Chapter Notes: Ring of Roses Refers to children’s rhyme supposedly about the plague. Certainly echoes the plague sores that are found on George Viccars body during this chapter. The chapter ironically begins with Anna saying that the last winter – when her husband died – was the most difficult she had lived. No-one expected this plague. We examined the burgeoning relationship with George which is cut short by his illness. We see Anna’s passion for her children (challenging God’s edict that none be placed before him) and her desire to be with a man again. We learn a lot about the lives of women in puritanical society in this chapter, and how Anna is already different from them. `Chapter Notes: The Thunder of his Voice Meaning of the title becomes apparent in the very last page of the chapter. Has a religious resonance. We are introduced to Anys Gowdie in this chapter – a woman quite unlike those of her time. Anna feels drawn to her and changes many opinions in discussion with her, showing us how unusual Anna herself is for a woman of the time. Anys reveals her affair with George and his intentions to Anna. There are no deaths in the chapter – but the plague is discussed at the dinner at the Bradfords where Anna is serving. Anna goes home and checks her boys – both appear unafflicted. Chapter Notes: Rat-Fall. Obviously modeled on Leaf-Fall, what is the meaning of this chapter title? It begins with glorious descriptions of nature – the people believe they have contained the plague. Anna plays with her children and interestingly, Mompellion enters the picture. Very Garden-of-Eden-esque. Anna is uncomfortable around him. This stands in stark contrast to what we are about to experience. The boys playing with the dead rats is ominous. The weather soon changes, and Anna remarks on the insects biting her boys. She longs to talk with Anys and begin to see the world in ways that she does. One of the boys playing with the rats starts showing symptoms. Mem Gowdie is sent away as they fetch a physician. The physician flees from the plague. Anna’s baby Tom dies during the chapter. Aphra scolds her for doting in him – she has lost many babes herself. She tells her it is folly to love them until they are walking and talking. It is clear that the plague has struck the town. Chapter Notes: Sign of a Witch Anna compares the plague to the falling of a whip that continues to strip a man’s back on p. 81. We learn that her elder son Jamie passes away even as he is still grieving for his brother. Anna tries a number of remedies to soothe or cure Jamie which must have been common at the time, to no avail. In fact, they seem to make things worse. It is only Anys who is able to soothe him – she promises Anna prophetically on p. 84 that her arms wont be empty for long. Mompellion comes to pray for Jamie and Anna â€Å"hears the words as if far away†. P. 86 Anna tells us of her grief and her inability to understand why she has not succumbed when her children and many around her have. Of particular importance are the questions she asks in the graveyard on p. 87. While all this is happening (which is personal and thus central to our narrator) it is clear the plague has spread throughout the village. It has certainly not been contained as they hoped. The townspeople seek a scapegoat, and Anna comes upon them accusing Mem Gowdie. Anys is not far behind and they seek to lessen the hysteria that has grabbed all around them. Pp. 89 – 91. Brooks creates a lot of tension in these pages. The responses of the townspeople here will prove useful in a number of possible themes to discuss around the text. In saving Mem Anys draws attention to herself and Anna finds that her loose tongue around Anys and George helps condemn her friend. Anys uses all her wits to distract and anger the villagers and accepts that her death is inevitable. Her actions here may be hard to understand and we will need to discuss them. Mompellion comes to confront them but is too late to save Anys. They have created yet another tragedy within their town, and unwittingly destroyed the woman who may best have helped. Consider the irony of Mompellion’s comment: â€Å"oh yes, the devil has been here tonight†. Chapter Notes: Venom in the Blood The atmosphere in the village gets bleaker and Brooks comments that the witch’s blood has not saved those that followed her into her grave. Mem Gowdie falls ill and is taken into care at the rectory, but passes soon after. The herblore of the village is lost. No law is willing to come to the town to hold anyone accountable for what happened. You read "Chapter Notes: Leaf-Fall 1666" in category "Essay examples" Suprisingly, Mompellion’s sermon preaches love rather than punishment of vengeance (pp. 102 – 103), and he invites his predecessor Reverend Stanley to come into the Church (p. 100). This is significant given the religious upheaval of the time. The two have worked together for the good of the town and the older man shows his support of the younger. Mompellion pleas for them all the stay confined in the village rather than spread the plague seeds. Many agree, some if only for lack of food and provisions to travel. This is all evident in the conversations after the service. It also becomes clear that neighbouring villagers will send them food if they stay on quarantine. The Bradfords are not noticed slipping our quietly from the proceedings. This is a powerful chapter title and its meaning will require discussion. Chapter Notes: Wide Green Prison Those that stay in Eyam feel a kind of grace in their decision, which is juxtaposed with the hasty and discourteous exit of the Bradfords. They even defy the reverend’s pleas. Bradford accuses Mompellion of just trying to make the villagers feel better about having to stay (p. 115), which threatens the gentle peace many found at the church earlier. Consider the title of the chapter when discussing this. Many servants are left without a home or job and are distributed amongst the village. Kindness even in their darkest hour. This is worth noting – the darker aspects of humanity depicted in these chapters often outweighs the good we could see if we looked too (p. 117). Elinor gets on with the business of helping the town. We have some good examples here of the teamwork and balance in the relationship between Elinor and Michael. Elinor encourages Anna to help with midwivery, although Anna has horrible memories of her mother dying in childbirth pp 120 – 121, because they are â€Å"all that she has†. Elinor takes some milk of the poppy in case it is needed, and Anna calls upon her memories of the manner and technique of Anys Gowdie. On p. 122 she says the words the Gowdies said: May the Seven Direction Guide this Work, and feels that Anys is there guiding her as to how to deliver the baby safely. That night, they celebrate life instead of death, but Anna pockets the little vial of milk of the poppy at the end of the chapter. Chapter Notes: So Soon to be Dust The title from the chapter comes from the English burial service taken from Genesis 3:19. Why might this be important? The story of Jakob Brand and Maggie Cantwell shows us the types of responses people from Eyam might find in the neighbouring villagers. (pp. 129 – 131) Anna has a confrontation with her drunk father (pp. 133 – 135) and we found out more about her relationship and responses to him. Chapter Notes: The Poppies of Lethe This chapter titles strikes me as somewhat ironic – poppies stand for rememberness but Lethe represents forgetting and oblivion – oblivion brought on my remembering? Does this make sense in Anna’s case? Its also a very dark chapter whereby Anna questions whether she can go on amongst all the death and loss. Anna begins the chapter by musing about falling down a hill – a metaphor for her temptation with the poppy she lifted at the end of the previous chapter. It is a substance she knows from when Sam broke his leg and was treated by the Gowdie’s. Anna repents her theft but cannot bring herself to give the vial back. She makes a concoction of poppy and honey to hide the bitter taste and experiences sweet dreams of her dead children. The day she awakes to seems darker for her efforts, but she notices her mind is calm and she has slept well for the first time in a long time – 10 hours. The day is indeed bitter as she comes across plague ridden Sally Maston (p. 140) whose mother has died already and cannot care for her or ease her suffering. Anna looks after the children as best she can, but recognizes that it is a deathwatch. There is an interesting exchange with the sexton (a church official who comes to pick up bodies) on p. 41 that shows the exhausted attitude of the townspeople to death. Elinor tells Anna that her childhood friend Lib Hancock (who she told the gossip about Anys and George too which eventually led to Anys’ downfall) lies on her death bed. Anna rushes to her, but she is too far for them to put the incident behind them. After these traumas, Anna again relies on the p oppy for sweet dreams, but she wakes up to the harsh reality that she has no more. She then remembers the herb stores at the Gowdies and sets off to replenish her stock. On her way, she visits the Talbot cottage as she does not see smoke coming from the chimney. She discovers two things there – that Richard Talbot has attempted to burn off his plague sore in an effort to burn out the disease, and also that Kate has brought a charm (like a spell) to attempt to dispel the plague also. She tells Anna she brought it from the spirit of Anys Gowdie. Anna knows this to be untrue, but cannot solve the mystery just now. When she arrives at the Gowdie cottage she finds Elinor there, who she momentarily mistakes for the ghost of Anys. Elinor explains that she is there to learn what herb lore she can from the Gowdies, in hopes of saving the town. Elinor reveals she is well aware why Anna is there, and convinces her that she should not attempt to forget her boys through escape via the poppy. She asks Anna if she had sweet dreams and she answers ‘the sweetest I have ever known†. (p. 149). Elinor says she remembers this well, and warns her that the poppy is â€Å"a jealous friend and will not lightly loosen its embrace† (p. 149). She goes on to reveal her sad history to Anna (pp. 150 – 155) and how she came to marry Michael. She does not however reveal all and the biggest secret will be revealed by Michael in the final pages of the novel. They begin their work with the herbs and Elinor has made a study of the victims and notices that while the plague has claimed many, it has not claimed many â€Å"silver hairs†. They decide to start arming the young with as many natural medicines as possible. Anna worries about how she will cope without the poppies and notes that she can always find them amongst the Gowdie’s garden. Question your response to this. Anna also realizes she can throw herself into her work, and this may keep her going. Chapter Notes: Among Those That Go Down to the Pit A very long chapter. Michael is exhausted and Elinor and Anna try to convince him not to do so much. The reader should take note of the relationship and balance between Michael and Elinor after Elinor’s revelation of the previous chapter. Jakob Merill dies and young Brand who has been living with them and caring for the children is named his heir. Anna notes that the cold season demands so much of her – she is busy every minute of every day, delivering babies and learning about the herbs. She explains the processes she and Elinor try, and how they learn through trial and error. They rest only on Sunday – when Elinor dreads to see in the church pews how they are losing the battle (p. 167-8) In his service, Mompellion says that he must close the church and the church yard – there are too many dead to bury there. He asks the parishners not to worry about not being buried on hallowed ground, God will find them. He faints at the pulpit. Reverend Stanley takes over. Elinor and Anna take him back to the rectory. In this chapter we also learn about the plight of Merry Wickford, a miner’s daughter who alone survives the plague. The other miner’s may take her father’s area if she is unable to produce a dish of lead. Unable to convince the other miners to help Merry, Elinor tells Anna they should help as Anna has knowledge of the mines from Sam. This frightens Anna, who knows enough to recognize how dangerous this is. She also knows that miners are superstitious about having any women near them (p. 175) Nonetheless they take Sam’s gear and try (p. 178). Anna is gripped by fear and the two women soon realize they are unable to meet the challenge. Anna remembers that fire-setting can be used, a dangerous practice that cost Sam his life. Elinor encourages her saying that the Plague could catch them any day. Elinor wants to accompany her but (for the first time) Anna speaks harshly to her if the silliness of not being out there to dig her out if needs be (p. 184). Earth buries her and Anna accepts her death. However, Elinor and Merry have both not obeyed her instructions and are on hand to dig her out. They present the overladen dish and save Merry’s mine. Mompellion is amused by Elinor’s presence of mind and outfit. Anna sleeps well that night. (p 188) Chapter Notes: the Body of the Mine Anna recovers from her wounds. Joss Bont takes on the role of grave digger, eeking hefty payment from those too weak or sick to bury their dead. The chapter continues with further examples of his greed and callousness. The final straw is when he digs a grave for Christopher Unwin who lies ill but not dying. He does not even have the plague. When Unwin lives, Bont angrily demands payment for the services that were neither asked for nor necessary. (pp. 196 – 197) Bont is humiliated by Mompellion. Anna hears that her father is thrown out of the tavern, and worries for her stepmother and her children. Aphra laughs when she hears and says â€Å"I am my own ways of bridling that mule† (p. 98). However, that night Bont hits him with his spade and attempts to bury him anyway, in order to steal his goods(p. 199 – 200) Unwin takes his grievance to the Body of the Mine (from the last chapter) as the only quasi-legal system left.. Unwin is also a miner and thus has rights to this. No one speaks up for Bont and he is sentenced to have his hands impaled to a stone as punishment for theft. It is generally up to kin to retrieve the accused, but Aphra’s children are all but one sickened with the plague and she cannot go. Anna doesn’t realize this and never seeks him out. Bont dies on the hill – which leads to greater tragedies later (pp. 204 – 205). His body is partially eaten by animals, and Aphra has to deal with this just after she buried three of her children with her own hands. Her behavior at the Grave is strange and unholy, even for one as superstitious as her( pp. 207 – 208). Chapter Notes: The Press of their Ghosts Anna grieves her father and the rectory and tells his history to Elinor. We learn to have some sympathy for him in this (pp. 209 – 210). Anna feels free of him after the telling – like she is strong enough to face him now. Anna and Elinor’s strength and resilence is contrasted with the other women in the town who are buying charms to ward off the plague. Spring arrives and the lambs are born easily and the village looks pretty again. Although Anna notes it does not over-shadow the still dwindling numbers when they go to pray at Cucklett Delf. Half way through June the village has lost half its population to the plague and this takes its toll on people. Anna details the changed appearance of John Gordon who punishes his body to atone for his sins. (p. 217 – 219). Mompellion and Anna later visit his wife to confirm this. John is later found dead and his wife contracts the plague a week later. This makes voices whisper as to whether he was right or not. Jane Martin takes to sleeping with many men to survive. Mompellion chastises her for it harshly (rather than the man), does Elinor’s history have anything to do with this? The chapter ends ironically with Anna feeling jealous of the Mompellions for having each other (pp. 228 – 229) Chapter Notes: A Great Burning Elinor begins coughing which sends Anna into a panic (pp. 232 – 233). She reflects on all that Elinor has meant to her (pp. 34 – 235) and Elinor asks Anna to look after Michael. Her fever breaks on p. 237. It is not the plague. Michael is overjoyed and Anna is jealous again (p. 239). Renewed, Michael preaches to the villagers that there should be a great burning of their possesions that might carry the plague (he is inspired by Urith Gordon here, who accepted possessions from plague homes and died). He calls it a sac rifice to God. Aphra is drawn to the fire in black rags – it becomes clear that she is pretending to be the ghost of Anys Gowdie and selling the charms around the village (p. 243). The villagers turn on her, and Michael tells them not to violate this spiritual place. Aphra is taken and held by two farmers – who cruelly throw her into a pit of manure which she must tread all night (p. 245 – 246). Elinor and Anna try to bathe and soothe her but she is angry and accuses Elinor of stealing Anna and her children (pp. 247 -248). Anna worries for Faith, the remaining girl and when she eventually goes to look for her finds something startling (pp. 249 – 251). Chapter Notes: Deliverance Anna comments that she avoids Aphra and wishes she hadn’t – foreshadowing again. They realize that they have not had new deaths for some time and hope that the plague has passed. Michael comments that new growth is present at the site of the Great Burning. Michael and Elinor argue about whether or not it is yet time to celebrate the passing of the plague. Michael wants to hold off. In tears, Elinor comments that not all are as strong of will as he. What does this mean really? Eventually a date is fixed and Michael and Elinor dress in white, Elinor with spring blooms in her arms. As he begins to give thanks, Aphra appears. She is clearly mad and blames Mompellion. Mompellion attempts to calm her and sadly Faith’s corpse is damaged in this. Aphra swings wildly with the knife, ending her own life and Elinor’s. (pp. 257 – 259) Chapter Notes – Apple-Picking Time Faith, Elinor and Aphra are buried and Anna considers how best to serve the memory of her friend (pp. 264 – 264). Michael goes into seclusion. He cannot bear Anna to speak of Elinor. When Anna offers to shave him they have an intimate moment (p. 266). Memories of the past run rampant here. Michael is astonished that Anna can read Latin. Michael remains alone for a season and Anna says she cannot rouse him. She brings him the good news of the town, showing the reader that life is moving forward outside the walls of the rectory (pp. 269 – 270). Anna decides to embrace life and make the most of it, symbolized by taking Anteros off for a ride. Mompellion is enraged and Anna takes him into her arms (pp. 273 – 281). He relationship begins but is destroyed by the revelation that he never slept with Elinor. Anna feels she has stolen something from Elinor (p. 83) She finds Michael cruel and perverse (p. 284). She comes upon Elizabeth Bradford and agrees to go and tend the birth. The surgeon abandoned a case Anna solves easily and she remarks that the little girl reminds her that she is to go on (p. 287). She saves the child from being killed as the result of adultery and promises to leave the village and care for the girl herself. (pp. 288 – 291). She is gi ven jewels to do this. Anna plans to leave her cottage to Merry Wickford and plans to swap her sheep for a donkey to carry her away. Mompellion interrupts her planning. He knows the whole story and feels Anna may be in danger from those who would seek to destroy the child still. He gives her Anteros and an escape route (pp. 293 – 294). Chapter Notes: The Waves, Like Ridges of a Plough’d Land (Epilogue) The epilogue begins with Anna remembering a poem and marveling that it was written by a woman, showing how small she once believed the world and the capacity of women to be. She describes where she has ended up and how she got there. There are many key passages to look at, and much discussion to be had for the purpose of this chapter. How to cite Chapter Notes: Leaf-Fall 1666, Essay examples

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